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2015-08-26 21:00:24 by WumboTheElephant

So, It's been going good. Haven't been here in a while, just updating the place to make it nicer, adding some more art so people don't think I'm dead. Check out my Twitter, @BullCloaker, I'm pretty active there. Also, check out my soundcloud, mang I've been screwing around in FL Studio Lately and makin some beatz.

 I'm a spiritual lyrical miracle individual, so I think you may like it.

Also a website. Been working on that. I'll update you on that.


2015-04-28 20:25:49 by WumboTheElephant

Hey guys! It's me, Wumbo again. I got some news! I'm getting a Wacom Intuos! My first drawing tablet, it's gonna be nice! I'll be drawing and animating soon enough!

Seeya soon! ^_^




Hi Guys!

2015-02-22 13:23:07 by WumboTheElephant

Hi guys! I'm Brandon! I'm resurecting my Newgrounds account under the name WumboTheElephant! I hope you all enjoy my work! I'm beginning making animations and art, and will develop a portfolio here! So drop me a line when you need client work at mailletbrandon9@gmail.com! I hope you all give me a warm welcome to the community! (the opposite of Reddit, amirite, mhmhmhmhmmm...) I'm working in Flash and will start production of my animations soon!

ヽ( 。 ヮ゚)ノ Derp


                                                  Glad to be part of the team!

                                                           ~Wumbo :D